AI Content Generation For Unity

How does it work?

You can generate scripts, shaders, textures, and more with custom queries to ChatGPT through scriptable objects called "Generators". You can include multiple unique generators in to your project, so that you will know exactly what query resulted in your assets being generated. You also also re-run or modify your queries for fresh content.

Note: This is an editor only package. Using this package at run time would involve shipping your API key to your clients, which is not recommended.

Generate Content in Editor

Using OpenAI's Image Generation API (utilizing DALL-E), you can generate textures, background images, and concept for endless permutations and rapid prototyping.

Customizable and extensible

You can generate multiple images in parallel, with customizable prompts. Our system is fully extensible - you can create your own custom generators to have chatGPT build YOUR scriptable objects and fit within the unique pipeline of your content.

Rapid Content Generation

You can tweak and iterate on your content quickly. Find ways to uniquely make your games stand out.